This week the kids brought their favourite book in the daycare. They were all happy to share their book to their friends. We read each book every day and the kids where actively listening during the reading time. They all loved reading books, meeting new characters and learning new things. We have a lot of outdoor time this week, we did a water paint brush activity outside and kids were amazed with the arts they could make out of water and brushes. We met our newest friends in the turtle park and we’re all excited to play with them next season. This week we also send our farewell to some of our friends, we had a small picnic in our yard, we sang songs for our friends and listened to our favourite nursery songs.

Minis-Midis next week:
Mon 20.6. Summer activity
Tue 21.6. Outdoor games
Wed 22.6. Storytime
Thu 23.6. Summer activity
Fri 24.6. Kindergarden closed / Midsummer

We have learned about Asia. We talked about Asia as the biggest continent of all, it has highest mountain to lowest dead sea. Children were interest with the animals. We went to the Gallstraskinpuisto as our trip. On the way we have found different kind of shapes of leaves and talked about them. On Wednesday we had our own music circles, viskari tried to learn 5 English songs: Monkey jumping on the bed, elephant, speckle frogs song, humpty dumpty as well as e new friends who will join us in August. We painted panda using Chinese watercolor painting skills. On Friday, we explored the Thurmaninpuisto park, children used the trampoline, did some running in the open space and played a while in the skating park. They had fun.

Midis-Maxis next week:
Mon 20.6. Summer season theme
Tue 21.6. Trip day
Wed 22.6. Own music lesson
Thu 23.6. P.E.
Fri 24.6. Kindergarden closed / Midsummer

Best regards,

The Kauniainen team