Viikkokirje 47


Midi-Maxien tapahtumat viikolta; Our first snow covered week came in perfect timing while we explore more the world of arts and expressions. We kicked it off with a game of “Who took the cookie from the cookie jar” where the children took turns hiding a cookie behind their friend’s back then also took turns guessing where it is, while singing the song. Then musabox was introduced where we found the song “Old MacDonald had a farm” followed by a puppet theatre about “Baa Baa Black Sheep.” We also practiced our acting skills in our interactive drama about the “Three Little Pigs.” To cap off the week, we had our favourite animal action song but this time, we did it in the forest. And like a cherry on top of a cake, we also had an obstacle course that the children enjoyed with their parents. Next week, we continue on with a Finnish themed week in celebration of the upcoming independence day.

Minien tapahtumat viikolta;
On Monday, after playing with the toys we went outside and our diligent Minis started to push the snow with shovels and cleaned up the stairs. They were like little gardeners. 😊 Later on they decided to ride each other around on a sled. Next day we started with our Christmas tree art by using gouache paints. Every kid had a chance to participate individually and once the tree is dry we are going to decorate it. On Wednesday we were baking some gingerbreads, using different animal shapes and on Thursday we learned some new Christmas songs with movements. Last day of the week was all about physical skills. We were running and crawling, climbing over obstacles and practicing balance. Kids were so happy!
Have a great weekend and see you soon!


Vietämme Suomi-viikkoa; piireissä Suomi-tietoutta

MA 28.11.        Oman lelun päivä/presidenttiparin vaalit                                   

TI 29.11.          Itsenäisyyspäivän aiheinen värityskuva/viskarituokio                                         

KE 30.11.         Retkipäivä

TO 1.12.           Viskarit leipovat/joulukalenteri alkaa

PE 2.12.           Itsenäisyyspäivän juhlat/tanssiaiset alk. klo 9.15 -saa pukeutua juhlavasti!


MA 28.11.          Toy day

TI 29.11.            Art

KE 30.11.           Music

TO 1.12.            Puppet Show

PE 2.12.            Independence day event


Muuta muistettavaa;

Joulujuhlat ti 13.12.2022 klo 17.15


Minit p. 045 132 2970

Midi-Maxit p. 050 321 2765

Vastaava p. 050 441 8808 (parhaiten tavoitettavissa klo 12-14)

Ankkaterveisin, Minna, Christine, Manju, Teija, Eliise, Tinka ja Elizabeth