Viikkokirje 42


Midi-Maxien tapahtumat viikolta; Autumn fall we planned celebrating India week in Ankkalampi-This week we celebrated Diwali, which is the Hindu festival of lights. Monday, we started clay activity with kids where they handmade Indian traditional candle holders, Tuesday we celebrated Diwali, we talked about ways that they celebrate in India. We all the teachers wore Indian traditional clothes, decorated our classroom, danced to Bollywood Diwali songs, we have done hand painting activity and we all tasted Indian special Diwali sweet (we followed all the allergies rules). Wednesday, we spoke about traditional Indian dances and music. Thursday kids enjoyed knowing the difference between Indian educational system and Finland’s Educational system. Followed by Friday kids explored what are the main tourist cities in India to visit! Regular morning circles and toy day is Included all the weekdays. This week ended with celebrations mode and autumn love. Thanks to all the parents for the support! Have a nice weekend.

Minien tapahtumat viikolta; The week started with own toy day and continued with free play. Next day we celebrated Diwali which is India’s biggest and most important holiday of the year. Our teacher Manju brought some traditional clothes and we adults gave a show for the kids. We listened Bollywood songs and learned some catchy dance moves. We also tasted traditional sweets. This day was definitely one of the best ones. On Wednesday we were making clay candlesticks – which is also a part of Diwali celebration and on Thursday minis started to give some color on it. Soon you are going to have a candle holder – designed by your own kid. 😊 Last day of the week ended with ball games. Minis practiced catching and throwing a ball individually with an adult. Their skills are getting better and better every day.
Have a great day and enjoy your weekend!



MA 24.10.        Teemalelupäivä; ota Halloween-aiheinen lelu! /Askartelua                          

TI 25.10.          Retkipäivä                                 

KE 26.10.         Viskareilla retki kirjastoon (lähtö klo 9.15) /Askartelua

TO 27.10.         Halloween-naamiaiset alk.klo 9.15                   

PE 28.10.         Musiikkituokio


MA 24.10.          Oma lelu + Play dough

TI 25.10.             Art

KE 26.10.           Art

TO 27.10.          Halloween party

PE 28.10.           Trip day


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