Viikkokirje 35


Midi-Maxien tapahtumat viikolta;

We had an organized productive week for the Midis and Maxis. Monday began with kids favourite Toy Day in morning circle; kids enjoyed talking about their own toys. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we bring out our creative side by drawing own portraits, on Thursday we all went to the forest and explored the changing nature, eat edible berries and played with colourful leaves, and on Friday, we ended the week with a good dance and music party in our own backyard. Morning circle theme songs for this week is Phonics (English and Finnish) and Months of the year songs which will be continuing for next week as well.

Thank you and have a nice weekend!

Minien tapahtumat viikolta:

The week for minis started with a Free play in small groups. On Tuesday we had a Music session – practicing rhythm by clapping hands and stomping feet. On the following day, we went to the yard and built up different routes where kids had to climb, jump and run. We also opened music from loudspeakers so that the atmosphere would be even more fun. On Thursday, we took out our colourful pencils and colouring books. Each kid chose the picture he/she liked and coloured the picture the way they liked. The outcome was again – very interesting and beautiful. The last day of the week ended with a puzzle activity. Every kid got to practice puzzle solving individually with an adult and practiced their logical thinking. The week was fun as always and hopefully the weekend is going to be even better! See you soon!



Aamuisin aamupiiri alkaa klo 8.45 ja toiminta klo 9; tuothan lapsesi ajoissa!

 MA 5.9.           Oman lelun päivä                                                                                                          

TI 6.9.            Puistoretki                                                 

KE 7.9.           Askartelua/Viskarituokio        

TO 8.9.           Askartelua      

PE 9.9.           Musiikkituokio



MA 5.9.           Free play

TI 6.9.             Playdough

KE 7.9.            Art

TO 8.9.           Music

PE 9.9.            Trip day


Muuta muistettavaa;


Vanhempainilta ke 14.9.2022 klo 17.15

Valokuvaus ti 20.9.2022 alk.klo 8.45


Minit p. 045 132 2970

Midi-Maxit p. 050 321 2765

Vastaava p. 050 441 8808 (parhaiten tavoitettavissa klo 12-14)


 Aurinkoisin terveisin, Minna, Christine, Manju, Teija, Eliise ja Tinka