Captains week has been very special because instead of following a week program we have listened to the children’s wishes and interests and let them choose theirs activities. We have employed a highly child centered approach towards learning and as a result we have had a week full of games with cars, music, dance, jumps and lots of laugh! Since we have had such good weather we have spent more time outdoors and playing in the park. On Thursday besides our traditional trip around the neighborhood we had a lovely picnic in “Esplanadi”, kids had an amazing time! We ended this amazing week having so much fun in our open mic where all Captains sang and danced so much.


This week the skippers have been enjoying the glorious sunny weather with long morning and afternoon outdoor playtime! The week started with a nice trip to Tervasaari where we practiced our climbing skills on the spider web climbing frame. On Wednesday we supported Finland in the football match by making our own Finnish flags! On Thursday and Friday we enjoyed free play time with mini Lego’s, a little bit of yoga, and playing with playdough! We ended the week with open mic and went straight outside after snack to enjoy the sunny afternoon in the park ❤️


It has truly been a wonderful year at Ankkalampi for the loving and caring Sailors travelling around the amazing world and through the deep history together! We do enjoy and appreciate every single day having so much fun, playing, growing, developing, learning as a solid crew. It is almost the time to say Farewell to many of us fellows who will get off board and move on to start a brand new school life elsewhere and it feels bitter sweet for sure. We wish everyone and very relaxing and sunny summer holiday and a very successfully Academic Year next year as well! We will surely miss each other a lot and hopefully each of us will always carry happy memories of us no matter where we will be. Therefore, we made good use of this week’s time to enjoy each other’s company by playing a lot at the sunny Park with the beach ball, Huuhkaja (Eagle-Owl) football, LEGO as well as in our classroom and at the Moomin Park in Skatta! Besides Ilja Repin’s portrait paintings, the opera “Prince Igor”, the ballets “Spartacus” and “Swan Lake”, Rachmaninoff ‘s Symphone No.2 and Piano Concerto No.2, we also made our own lovely paper set of Matryoshka Dolls. While reading the pages about Russia the largest country of the whole world on our big books, one of us said “Russia is so big that it doesn’t fit in the book!” The bear symbolising the size and the power of the country, the Bolshoi Theatre in the Capital City Moscow, the Mariinski Theatre in the magnificent St. Petersburg, the delicious Russian cuisine etc. took us to a unique world!





Ma-Ke Lasten toive aktiviteetteja & Kesäistä ohjelmaa

To / Thu 24.6 Juhannusjuhlat – Midsummer party

Pe 25.6 Midsummer’s eve – Daycare is closed


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