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This week the Captains have had a week full of new learnings and wonderful experiences! On Monday we went over the days of the week and the numbers from 1 to 10 in English and Finnish. Our teachers are very proud because we are getting better every time. On Tuesday, we created a fantastic music band with all our friends and we freely played the maracas and the guitar dancing all the time! On Wednesday we learned a little bit more about our wonderful Finland and we’ve met our favorite ice hockey team! At the same time we saw the different seasons of the year and sang our national anthem. How lucky we are to live here! On Thursday we took a trip to Esplanadi and observed the spring decorations in the shops: how beautiful! Friday, how could it be otherwise, we celebrate it by dancing and singing with the open mic! It was such a great spring week!


Kipparien viikko alkoi uuden Molli ja kumma -kirjan parissa puuhastellen. Kirjassa pohditaan pelkoa, rohkeutta, ennakkoluuloja ja ystävyyttä. Tarinan alussa Molli löytää kummallisia jalanjälkiä puutarhastaan ja alkaa jännittyneenä ja hieman pelokkaana tutkimaan asiaa Pikku-Sisun kanssa. Kipparit etsivät Säätytalon puistosta myös jalanjälkiä ja seurasivat niitä. Sisällä jokainen lapsi sai piirtää oman mielikuvitus otuksen ja esitellä sen muille aamupiirillä. Mukaan mahtui monenlaisia kilttejä ja pelottaviakin otuksia, jotka söivät mm. muumikeksejä, timantteja ja puita. Tiistain musiikkituokiolla esillä oli Eurooppa -teema ja monikielisyys, kun kuuntelimme kappaleita levyraadin hengessä englanniksi, espanjaksi, suomeksi sekä italiaksi. Tuokion aikana eri kielten lisäksi tutustuimme erilaisiin musiikkityyleihin, pohdimme enemmän vs. vähemmän käsitettä ja harjoittelimme pisteiden laskemista. Voittajaksi nousi Suomen tämän vuoden euroviisubiisi, joka on tullut lasten toiveista tutuksi jo Open Mic esityksissä. Keskiviikkona käsittelimme tunnetaitoja uusien itsesäätely -korttien sekä pöytäteatterin avulla. Lapset saivat tunnistaa erilaisia tunteita kuvista ja kertoa omia kokemuksia. Kortteihin kuuluu myös strategia -kortit, joiden avulla voimme pohtia mikä tunteiden aiheuttamissa tilanteissa auttaisi. Kipparit kertoivat hienosti, miten aikuisen syli tai hengittäminen voi auttaa vaikeissa tilanteissa. Pöytäteatterin teemana oli puiston säännot, jossa norsut rikkoivat sääntöjä ja lapset saivat esittää ratkaisuja erilaisiin konfliktitilanteisiin ja pohtia miten norsut saataisiin oppimaan virheistä. Torstaina oli kädentaitojen vuoro ja Kipparit suunnittelivat ja askartelivat omat unelmien pizzat Italia hengessä. Viikon päätimme pizzaperjantaihin, jossa lapset pääsivät toteuttamaan omat pizzat ja herkuttelemaan niillä, NAMSKIS!


“Men, be kind to your fellow-men; this is your first duty, kind to every age and station, kind to all that is not foreign to humanity. What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness? Love childhood, indulge its sports, its pleasures, its delightful instincts. Who has not sometimes regretted that age when laughter was ever on the lips, and when the heart was ever at peace? Why rob these innocents of the joys which pass so quickly…” – from Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Émile, Book II (Wikiquote)


After the heart-warming journey of Renaissance that still lights us with virtues of humanity nowadays, the scholastic and caring Sailors kept deepening their understanding of the wonderful world of intelligence and humanity in this Week of Enlightenment by exploring Science like Mathematics and Physics, appreciating Concertos, Opera and Ballet transitioning from Baroque to Classical music using musical instruments from Harpsichord to Fortepiano, reading precious philosophical writings of Émile etc. In the book “Suuri tiedekirja Maailmaa mullistaneet neronleimaukset atomeista tekoälyyn”, we read about stories of great thinkers Galileo Galileo and Sir Isaac Newton and their fundamental and pioneering thinking, discoveries and breakthroughs that not only shook the world of Science but also changed forever the entire society. Beside inspiring countless scientists after them, we live our modern lives thanks to their bravery and contributions back to hundreds of years ago. We put the LEGO Chewbacca holding 2 pieces of different masses on the top of our 3D puzzle Leaning Tower of Pisa and tried the famous experiment by ourselves! We also crafted our 3D Globe marked with Latin language and got to know that our Earth is in a form of a sphere with a bit wider belly and a bit flatter top and bottom. We also coloured in Halley’s Comet and the Earth and the Moon and realised that the orbits of most of the planets of our Solar System are in the shape of an Oval. Everyday we peacefully appreciated 1 great composer’s major works while playing freely after lunch: Händel, Albinoni, Vivaldi, Jean-Baptiste Lully and Telemann. We also chose new children’s English songs to sing about baking pizza, beautiful nature and summer camping and certainly ice cream and let’s see which song(s) we would like to perform for the Spring Celebration besides dancing! With their imagination, 17th century children already invented Hopscotch and a game like nowadays badminton! Therefore we enjoyed playing the Hopscotch with various shapes and colours and tennis besides basketball as our wishes at the Outdoor Gymnastics. We moved our own signature pizza baking form last week to this week when all the Sailors came back on board from their mini holidays. As dear customers, we made good use of Kotipizza’s website to get brilliant ideas of toppings, and we ordered flat pizza dough, tomato pizza sauce, Parmigiano-Reggiano, mozzarella, olives, tuna fish, pineapple cubes, bacon, ham, smoked reindeer, mettwurst, pepperoni, Milanese salami, chicken filet, minced meat, French fries, banana, avocado, paprika, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, apple, pear, ketchup and mustard. We loved our own design and we called them gourmet pizzas! As a tradition that we have had for 3 years in a row, we discussed together the Bingo games of this year’s Lasten Lintuviikko, and with own copies we could observe birds and them nesting with our parents and grandparents in the evenings and on the weekend in the forest and at summer cottage! Besides practising singing and dancing, we also work hard on our Art Exhibition of the Spring Celebration! Next week, we will complete our trilogy of exploration in the contemporary Europe with the Week of the Age of Discovey.



Kapteenit / Captains

Ma / Mon 24.5. Kädentaidot/Arts & Crafts.

Ti / Tue 25.5. Musiikkituokio/Own music moment.

Ke / Wed 26.5. Satutuokio/Storytime.

To / Thu 27.5 Retki lähiympäristöön, lähtö puistosta klo. 9.30/ Field trip. We leave form park at 9.30.

Pe / Fri 28.5. Open Mic!


Kipparit / Skippers

Ma / Mon 24.5. Retki. Lähtö puistosta 9.30

Ti / Tue 25.5. Musiikkituokio

Ke / Wed 26.5 Kädentaitoja

To / Thu 27.5. Tunnetaitoja

Pe / Fri 28.5 Open Mic


Seilorit / The Sailors

Ma / Mon 24.5 Arts & Crafts.

Ti / Tue 25.5. Gymnastics & Singing Moment.

Ke / Wed 26.5. Walking trip leaving at 9:30 am from the Park.

To / Thu 27.5. Exploring the World: Age of Discovery.

Pe / Fri 28.5. Preparing for Spring Celebration. / Art Exhibition.


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