Viikkokirje 18


Midi-Maxien tapahtumat viikolta;

Mabuhay from the Philippines! This week, even though short, was culture-filled as we had flown further southeast in Asia. It started with our regular toy day and additionally, we were introduced to the Philippine flag. We learned the colours of the flag: red blue and yellow; and why there were 3 stars and a sun. We also practiced our pencil grip as we coloured the flag. We went on a trip to the park by the lake where we played 2 outdoor children’s games: Pepsi-7up (the Philippine version of the Finnish game, Peili) and Patintero (block the runner/block and catch) where there are 2 teams: 1 team who are guarding the lines, and another team who are running to get across to the end of the rectangle without being touched or tagged. Thursday was visual learning where we watched a video on how to count in Tagalog and also some Philippine traditional dance. On Friday was the culminating event, we listened to the Philippine National Anthem entitled Lupang Hinirang, we looked at the pictures of the national symbols, and we watched the Tinikling dance (which usually involves a pair of bamboo poles, but since we do not have those, we improvised). Christine and Elizabeth led the dancing then the children were also invited to try out the dance. Maraming salamat (many thanks) and see you next week!

Minien tapahtumat viikolta;  After a long weekend we decided to open up the new week with disco. Minis were holding hands and dancing to the rhythm. On Tuesday we started to color Philippines’ flag, so that we would be prepared for Friday’s event. If usually our minis are free to color however they like, then this time we learned how to add color only into a certain place, without mixing up the colors. They did a great job! Next day we went to a playpark. We saw huge trucks passing by, tractor included. Kids were so amazed so we stopped playing and stared at those vehickles for 15 min at least. 😊 On Friday we had a Philippines’ day! Christine and Elisabeth told us interesting facts about their country, presented Tinikling dance and invited kids to join as well. It was a fun cultural experience.
Have a great weekend and see you soon!


MA 8.5.             Oman lelun päivä                      

TI 9.5.               Yhteiset äitienpäivälauluharjoitukset Minien kanssa

KE 10.5.           Retkipäivä                                                           

TO 11.5.           Viskarit leipoo/ äitienpäivän juhlistaminen iltapäivällä klo 15-16.30

PE 12.5.           Kevätjuhlaharjoitukset pienryhmissä



MA 8.5.          Music                        

TI 9.5.           Tricks

KE 10.5.        Trip day 

TO 11.5.        Mother’s day preparation   

PE 12.5.        Ball games   


Muuta muistettavaa;

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Vastaava p. 050 441 8808 (parhaiten tavoitettavissa klo 12-14)


Ankkaterveisin, Minna, Christine, Manju, Teija, Eliise, Tinka ja Elizabeth