The CAPTAINS started the week with some lovely arts and crafs for Mother´s Day, in general they love getting their hands dirty and explore with colors and shapes but knowing this week´s art project was for mum made it even  more special! During our morning circle we had lots of fun creating together a spring landscape with a magnet book. On Tuesday, some Captains enjoyed their online music class while the others  had free play and listened to their favorite songs. Later on we sang together some Finnish songs such as” Pikkuiset Kultakalat” and ”Lasten liikennelaulu”. This week we had open mic on Wednesdsay instead of on Friday , all the kids sang and danced  and laugued, it was beautiful to see how popular open mic has become among the little ones. On Thursday we had a small trip around our neighborhood, kids enjoyed being outside and they behaved very well always listening to adults instructions. Thursday was also a very special day because it was the birthday  of one of our beloved Captains, we had a small party where we sang happy birthday in both  English and Finnish and we played with bubbles. We ended the week with super fun gym circuit. Toddlers gymnastics is a fantastic opportunity to practice gross motor skills, balance, coordination and socialize, all while having a whole lot of fun!


The skippers week started with a walking trip to Liisanpuistikko! We practiced new rule games like hug tag, mirror and dodge ball! Practicing these rule games and super good for the skippers self regulation. We are so proud and happy with how well the skippers understood the rules of the games and we will be practicing these very often! 🙂 on Tuesday, muskari continued with the same jolly spirit! On Wednesday we we had a culture packed day. We travelled to to Europe on a magic flying carpet! We learned the flags of Spain, Italy, France, Sweden, England, Estonia and Finland via games. And we also learned greetings in each language! We ended by watching a fun video about Europe’s greatest landmarks! On Thursday, we continued our surprise for Mother’s Day! And to end the week we enjoyed our open mic in the afternoon. The most popular songs were sung; let it go and of course Ikuinen Vappu!


The loving Sailors had been working very hard through the week on preparing Mother’s Day present parcels in the same style of last year’s Father’s Day present parcels. We still keep our surprise as a secret until our dearest mommies open the parcels on Sunday Morning. What we could reveal a little bit now is that we seized our adorable smiles on the card and had been busy cutting and gluing the set of game that we could play with our families and that also represents our yearly theme “Cultures / Travelling around the World”. Certainly we brought our mommies fragrant carnations for wishing them a well-deserved Mother’s Day! In honour of Europe Day with the puzzles of national flags and maps of the 27 member countries of European Union and the map of Europe and the game “Maailman liput”, we together successfully found 46 national flags of European countries and got to know that both Russia and Turkey are considered partially European and partially Asian. By listening to the entire symphony No. 9 of Beethoven’s performed at the Berlin Celebration Concert for Christmas 1989, we got familiar with “Ode to Joy” the Anthem of Europe. We also appreciated major works of other European Composers like Bach, Elgar, Mozart and Rachmaninov through the week. With fun videos of Nat Geo Kids and Yle Oppiminen, we learnt more and the continent where we live. Muskari Sari was very impressed by our dancing talent, so she taught us a new dance this week via Zoom meeting, and we will dance with her in person next week in the Kevätjuhla of Muskari! With the help of our new friend Mr. Dino the bubble maker, we enjoyed fun time of popping hundreds of bubbles at the Park! On the walking trip in the neighbourhood, we curiously checked menus of the reopened restaurants and cafeterias on the windows and had a thought about the flavours of ice cream that we will enjoy together soon! Enjoy the lovely Mother’s Day and Europe Day on Sunday!






Kapteenit / Captains

Ma / Mon 10.5. Satuhetki/Storytime.

Ti / Tue 11.5. Muskari (klo 9.45) ja pienryhmätoimintaa / Muskari (at 9.45) and small group activities.

Ke / Wed 12.5. Kädentaidot/Arts & Crafts.

To / Thu 13.5 Helatorstai, Päiväkoti on suljettu/Daycare is closed.

Pe / Fri 14.5. Open Mic!


Kipparit / Skippers

Ma / Mon 10.5. Retki lähiympäristöön

Ti / Tue 11.5. Muskari & Pienryhmätoimintaa

Ke / Wed 12.5. Kulttuurikeskiviikko: English tea party

To / Thu 13.5. Helatorstai – Daycare closed.

Pe / Fri 14.5 Jumppa


Seilorit / The Sailors

Ma / Mon 10.5 Arts & Crafts.

Ti / Tue 11.5. Muskari 9:00-9:45 am and Gymnastics.

Ke / Wed 12.5. Walking trip leaving at 9:30 am from the Park and Snellman Day.

To / Thu 13.5. Ascension Day. The Day Care is closed.

Pe / Fri 14.5. Exploring the World: Renaissance.


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