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Tällä viikolla olemme päässeet juhlistamaan kirjan ja ruusun päivää. Perinteen mukaan, juhlapäivän ajatus on, että miehet antaisivat naisille ruusuja ja naiset miehille kirjoja. Päiväkodissa olemme kaikki iloinneet ihanista kirjoista ja askarrelleet ruusu-teemalla. Kuulimme myös satuhetkellä tarinan, joka sisälsi lohikäärmeitä! Jännittävää! Kulttuuria suoraan aurinkoisesta Espanjasta. Myös päiväkodin aikuiset saivat juhlapäivänä kauniit ruusut. Muskarissa tanssittiin piirissä, samalla harjoittaen eri käsitteitä kuten: eteen, taakse sekä sivulle. Samalla harjoitimme ohjeiden kuuntelemista sekä vastaanottamista. Lauloimme myös ihanille pikkuisille kultakaloille sekä tanssimme värikkäiden huivien kera. Samaan aikaan muut Kapteenit tanssivat Afrikka-rytmein ja lauloivat eri äänen voimakkuuksilla. Suosittu laulu oli esim. ”A seilor went to sea”, laulukorttien siivittämänä. Pääsimme myös tutustumaan mereneläimiin uusien laulukorttien kautta. Torstaina suuntasimme retkelle Kauppatorille. Ihastelimme matkalla kukkia, ohi kiitäviä erilaisia ajoneuvoja sekä suloisia koiria. Viikolla iloitsimme tuttuun tapaan Open micin rytmeistä. Tällä viikolla reippaat esiintyjämme esittivät mm. laulut:” Ihahhaa”, ”Leijonaa mä metsästän” sekä ”Täti Monika”. Kapteenit ovat todella mahtava yleisö, kannustaessaan iloisesti toinen toistaan.

On Monday, skippers started their week with a fun orienteering trip. We went out in to the streets of Kruna in search for some pictures parents have sent to us. The skippers found all of the locations and were super proud of themselves! In Tuesdays muskari, we learned a new song about gold fish! On Wednesday and Thursday, we went to the Savanna! We learned in English about many different kinds of animals that live there. We made a mini Savanna habitat using card, paint, rocks and sticks that we found from the park! Everyday this week during morning or afternoon circle, we have been reading some new Molli books with Tia-Maria. The skippers have loved very much listening to them, learning more and more about emotions. Also skippers have been able to role play and do some drama super well alongside reading the book! Good job skippers! On Friday, we enjoyed a free play day and held our open mic in the afternoon ☺️

Besides unique African animals we found last week at Sahara and Savannah and after learning to recognise on the map the 4 directions :North, South, West and East, the nature-loving and studious Sailors kept sailing towards west at Lake Victoria to reach the tropical rainforests in Central Africa where we found more unique African animals like Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Bonobo, Okapi and certainly big butterflies! We were amazed by the similarity between African apes and us and got to know that big-sized gorillas are actually vegetarians and they are very kind and lovely apes including also orangutan and gibbon who live in Asia do not have a tail either unlike adorable monkeys. Along rivers flowing through the rainforests, we finally reached the Western coastal line of Africa where we made friends with sea turtles. By reading the book “Eläinatlas” and crafting own flextangle, we curiously learnt about the life cycle of a sea turtle from hatching from an egg by cracking the eggshell open with its sharp teeth that will fall after hatching to running from the nest dug by its mother under the surface of the sand on the beach to the clear ocean as quickly as its little limbs can take it to avoid natural predators like falcon, crow and crab, to growing bigger and hardening its shell all the time in the ocean to avoid predators like shark, big fish and even flying birds. Boys will never come back to the beach for the rest of their lives, but mommy sea turtles will lay eggs every 2-5 years. We also crafted origami balls of marine animals. This week’s Outdoor Gymnastics was all about crafty crocodiles floating in the river. We were either crocodiles trying to catch snacks or small animals trying not to become snacks in the games of Tag and Stepping Stones. Surely we practised the yoga movement of crocodile as well. Next week we will sail towards south along the western coastal line in the Atlantic Ocean to visit South Africa and turn east after passing the Cape of Good Hope to re-enter the Indian Ocean and visit Madagascar.


Besides busy blowing and popping bubbles at the Park and enjoying the sunny tour around Katajanokka while completing the walking and running speeds against Wei, the Viskaris learnt Letters Mm, Tt and Ää in their own fun and creative ways like turning Letter Mm into flying seagulls and Letter Tt into smiling faces. Even though we could not throw a home party for the time being, we happily celebrated together by all drawing nice pictures and signing on the card for a Sailor’s birthday, singing the Song “Happy Birthday” in English, Finnish and Mandarin Chinese languages and certainly eating up all the delicious birthday biscuits. Another Sailor’s lovely family vacation videos and photos of feeding chickens, skiing, baking and enjoying hot chocolate and munkki in Lapland made our day too! As we wished, we the Monkeys danced the “Monkey Dance”. Could it be our show for the Spring Celebration?




Kapteenit / Captains

Ma / Mon 26.4. Kädentaidot/Arts & Crafts.

Ti / Tue 27.4. Muskari (klo 9.45) ja pienryhmätoimintaa / Muskari (at 9.45) and small group activities.

Ke / Wed 28.4. Open Mic!

To / Thu 29.4 Retki lähiympäristöön, lähtö puistosta klo. 9.30/ Field trip. We leave form park at 9.30.

Pe / Fri 30.4. Vappu-juhlat/Vappu-celebration.


Kipparit / Skippers

Ma / Mon 26.4. Retki. Lähtö puistosta 9.30

Ti / Tue 27.4. Muskari

Ke / Wed 28.4. Kulttuurikeskiviikko: Savanni projekti

To / Thu 29.4. Etälelupäivä & Kädentaitoja

Pe / Fri 30.4. Vappu naamiaiset!


Seilorit / The Sailors

Ma / Mon 26.4. Arts & Crafts

Ti / Tue 27.4. Muskari 9.00-9.45 am and Gymnastics

Ke / Wed 28.4. Walking trip leaving at 9.30am from the Park.

To / Thu 29.4. Exploring the World: South Africa and Madagascar.

Pe / Fri 30.4. Vappu costume disco party.


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