MIDIT: This week has been focused on the father´s day celebration and children were excited to welcome their daddies and get to have a good time together! On Monday we finished the second part of our special cards for the dads where children thought and write a word that describes them, as well as drawing their picture. On Tuesday we had a nice outdoor games session, they practiced some rule games and children have also learnt a new Spanish game: heights! They loved to explore the yard and look for perfect places to follow the game instructions. The week has continued with our weekly music class where our duckies have already started to sing Christmas songs and talk about this special time of the year. In the afternoon we were happy to invite the daddies to our yard to have a memorable father´s day celebration full of music, surprises, games, snacks, and fun! On Thursday we had a nice story time in English language which showed us different ways to get happier when we feel sad, and we also had a productive chat about our opinions, thoughts and experiences. The week has finished with the expected toy day, children were very happy to be able to bring their favourite toys and share them with their best friends! Friday & toy day, for sure the best way to welcome the weekend! Yeeeey!

MAXIT: A busy beginning for the Maxis week as we finished our preparations for the fathers day afternoon on Wednesday. I’m sure that you can appreciate the amount of work the children did for the art and craft presents they gave you. The weekly walking trip on Tuesday morning included some motor skills practice using hockey sticks and balls. The children also had some free time to explore the various activities within the play area.

The usual music lessons on Wednesday gave Trystan some time with the preschool and viskari group where they learned some new English words through picture recognition: bounce, cloud, fountain, house, loud, round, mouse, count, mouth and mountain. The “ou” sound was also introduced to the preschool group. Wednesday also saw the climax of the week where children, fathers, parents  and teachers came together to enjoy some fun activities with the children. The fathers did an excellent job helping the ducks find their way back to the pond and the children did an even better job singing the Fathers Day song!

The preschool group had time with Titti and Trystan for their Finnish and English lessons where they reinforced the names of shapes and their properties; corners and edges and they also discussed their positions within a picture and grid; below, above, in between, besides, under, over, in the middle. The viskari group had an oportunity to explore different materials and help create a collage for Johana, our trainee student who is leaving us on Friday. Good luck to her from all of us whilst she continues her studies.

Other activities we included during the week was colouring by numbers, indoor and outdoor free play and English fairy tale stories.


Ensi viikolla:


MON 15.11. Photography day (starting at 9am)

TUE 16.11. Walking trip (leaving at 9.15am)

WED 17.11. Muskari

THU 18.11. Music songs in English (through flashcards)

FRI 19.11. Construction games



MON 15.11. Photography day (starting at 9am)

TUE 16.11. Walking trip (leaving at 9:15)

WED 17.11. Muskari

THU 18.11. Eskari (fi) / Viskari

FRI 19.11. Eskari & Viskari (fi)


Kiitos kuluneesta viikosta!

Marta, Veera, Rolando, Oona, Trystan ja Titti

MIDIT: 050 401 9229

MAXIT: 050 523 9066 hranta@ankkalampi-ankdammen.fi