MIDIT: Halloween is getting closer, so this week we have started to get ready for this exciting celebration with the children. On Monday we had our own scary pumpkins, our duckies chose their favourite faces and had fun while practicing how to use the scissors. On Tuesday we had a nice outdoor time & also a common walking trip with the maxis under the rain, it was quick, but for sure a very seasonal walk. Putting the rainy clothes are not children’s favourite, but they really enjoy the time outdoors playing with the water! On Wednesday we had our last music session before the Autumn holidays and our duckies had nice musicality dynamics together. The week has finished with lots of outdoor fun & in a creative way making our favourite flag. Last week children showed interest in countries flag colours while playing, so we made the deal to look the different flags all over the world and choose one of them to make. Of course, Finnish flag was the most requested, but the English flag was also one of the chosen ones! They ripped silk paper with their little hands & made small balls to cover it with the right colours. It is now ready in their own folder!

MAXIT: The warm-hearted Maxis welcomed right away on Monday a new big friend Johanna who would spend a month’s time with us at Päätalo, and everyday through the week we have been enjoying fun playing time and learning her mother tongue German as well. We love the non-scary Halloween! As we wished, we crafted adorable and funny 3D paper ghosts that are hanging in our classroom and took the swirling ghost home as a surprise present for our dear parents on the afternoon of Autumn Dates (Syystreffit)! Our classroom already became very halloweeny thanks to our creative decorations. We are huge fans of origami, and this week we made ice-cream, ice-lolly, cupcake or sundae of our own choices! As a part of our Project, we reread the Book of Veera Virtanen about how to be nice to our friends and again openly discussed respecting one’s own body and how to behave and talk properly at the Day Care with a mini theatrical show performed by the Paprika and the Broccoli. Surely we enjoyed playing together by politely taking turns with those amazing puppets and costumes in the Suitcase of The World of Fairy Tales for one more time before the suitcase travels to the next Ankkalampi Unit!

 During the nap time besides continuing reading stories from the Book “The World of Moominvalley”, we also finished reading the Book “Marie Curie and Her Daughters” about those Nobel Prize winning, world-famous and courageous scientists and their magnificent scientific breakthroughs, strength, persistence and sisterhood. The Book “Do Something for Someone Else” also gave us many good ideas of supporting our community and making the world a better place by doing small things in our daily lives.

In the Viskari Club, we completed 2 worksheets about “Left” and “Right” and “Shapes” and “Colours”. With the Preschoolers together, we learnt names of seasonal fruits and vegetables in English by playing games together: Pumpkin, Carrot, Potato, Sweet Potato, Artichoke, Paprika, Beetroot, broccoli, Apple and Pear. Certainly we learnt Halloweeny characters such as Ghost, Cowboy,Witch, Monster, Ballerina and Pirate by watching the children’s videos and singing along the songs “Knock knock, Trick or Treat?”, “Hello, My Friends Trick-or-Treating Song” and “Goodbye, My Friends Halloween Party Song” from Super Simple Songs. We all learnt the Rhyme of Trick-or-Treat taught by our Guest Teacher, a Preschooler!

The Preschoolers completed their first worksheet “I Am a Superhero!” from the Task Book “Mollin mielipuuhat” emphasising feelings and emotions, friendship and social skills and self-confidence etc., besides completing other worksheets about “shapes recognition, numbers writing, counting and colouring in”, Prepositions such as “Above”, “Under” “In Between” and “Next To”, “Numbers (2-6) and their corresponding amounts and the concept of 1 More”, “Which object does not belong to the group?”

Ensi viikolla:


MON 18.10. Story time

TUE 19.10. Walking trip (to collect rocks)

WED 20.10. Arts & craft (painting Halloween rocks)

THU 21.10. Arts & craft (making own Halloween skeleton)

FRI 22.10. Common circle with minis, midis, maxis


MON 18.10. Arts and Crafts: Halloween! & Circle Time: Name Day of Fairy Tale (Sadun nimipäivä)

TUE 19.10. Walking Trip to Tuorinniemi Playground, leaving at 9:30 am from the Day Care.

WED 20.10. Singing moment: Halloween!

THU 21.10. Theatrical Show: friendship & Viskari Club.

FRI 22.10. Group Day together with the Minis.

 Kiitos kuluneesta viikosta!

Marta, Veera, Rolando, Wei ja Titti

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MAXIT: 050 523 9066