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MINIS’ last week

This week we started noticing how spring is arriving slowly but surely! The temperature has gone higher and the snow started melting. Minis were very interested in the melting process and experimented to see what happens if you put some ice in the water. We also held a small gym moment, because the kids wished to practise doing “kuperkeikka”! 😉 We also held our own music class, read stories and baked some pop – cakes!

Minis’ next week:

1.3 Leikki- ja kulttuuripäivä / Play and culture day

2.3 Muskari / Music class

3.3 Askartelua / Arts’ n’ crafts

4.3 Retkipäivä  / Trip day

5.3 Satutuokio / Story time


MIDIS AND MAXIS last week:

We discovered South-America this week. We loved Carnival in Brasil and the empanadas with raison, olives and eggs from Peru. We learned a lot about the wildlife as well. We were the most impressed by the colorful parrots. Therefor we started a group project of making parrots on canvas. We continue this project still next week. As the weather has gotten milder, the Midi-Maxis had a blast jumping and running through the puddles.

Midi-Maxis next week:

1.3 Travel around Australia in the new unit

2.3 Muskari and Viskari

3.3 Arts and crafts

4.3 Surpriseactivity in the new unit

5.3 P.E